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The Solution to Floor Mat Heel Wear

The constant pivoting of your foot from the brake to the accelerator causes rapid wear on your floor mat, starting with a worn spot that quickly turns into a hole. The MatRx is a novel, patent pending, effective solution to this common issue.

Completely unobtrusive design

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With proper placement, you won't notice the MatRx at all while driving. At less than 1/4" at its thickest, it was designed to be forgotten about when in use.

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You can use MatRx to protect new floor mats from damage. Without one, your floor mat will develop wear right under your heel, hurting resale value and creating an eyesore. 

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Even if your floor mat has started developing wear, don't worry!

A MatRx can conceal existing damage when placed on top of the affected area, and it will stop the damage from worsening.

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Whether $40+ for ugly, generic fit mats or hundreds for custom ones, rubber mats still lose the quality look and feel of your car's original, custom shaped, plush floor mats.

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We made a variety of color choices so that there's a MatRx that goes with any make, model, or color.

  • Black

  • Dark Grey

  • Tan

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Proudly designed, developed, and 100% made in the USA.

From prototype, patent, to production, the MatRx is a product of the USA

Fed up with floor mat heel spots? 

...I was, too.

Through my years as a professional detailer, every car I worked on seemed to have heel damage to a varying degree. On newer cars, the fibers were matted down, gritty and frayed. On cars that were around 2 years or older, the carpets were frequently worn down to the rubber base, or into a hole. The hundreds of cars in this state is what led to the idea of MatRx.

The idea is simple and my goal from the first day is unaltered: develop a simple, inexpensive, but well-made product that effectively prevents this issue, that must not affect the driving experience at all. And after months of development, testing, sales and revisions, it's here.